Publish navision in internet

Hi all,

Can any one please tell me how to publish navision in internet.I have gone through some forum but i could not get through this. Please kindly direct me regarding this.

Thank you in advance

If you are using RTC then you can do it using web services…

or use employee portal or cfront.dll

Hi Mohana,

Thank you for your reply. Can you please more specific regarding this?. I dont know about employee portal and I want to access navision from home through internet. Please help me.

You can access through Remote Desktop.

For employee portal, you need license

Hi Mohana,

Thank you for your reply Mohana. Is it possible to access navision in internet without using remote desktop.


For pulbishing the navision across internet you can use Citrix server or GoGlobal as application. Through this application you can publish the navision across the internet. Required different server for installing the Citrix application and license cost.

This will help you.

Hi Amol,

Should I install Citrix server. Where can I get it from. Kindly direct me. I dont know about Citrix server.

Thank you.

Are you ready to bare the cost?


Citrix server is not a freeware .You need to buy this from certified service providers. Just search such vendors and you will get details about the license and cost.

Also don’t overlook the cost of SQL licensing. Ypu must license the external user for access to SQL. If they are know users, meaning that each has their own specific user/pw for NAV, then you can provide a SQL CAL for each one.

However if you can’t contr0l the number of users, such as allowing anonymous access or sharing logins, then you must use processor licensing. Depending on system details this can actually be a sizable part of the cost.


with NAV 2009 SP1/R2 (technically), you can even access NAV without any client installed - only by a web browser. Some customizations have to be done, but its quite easy for a c/al dev. Look and feel is quite similar to the NAV client. Its an addon from conion media, watch


Hi Marc, Thank you for your reply. What customizations need to be done. Can you please explain me.