Publish an earlier version of an extension

Does any of you know how to install an earlier version of an extension?

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but in my case we are creating a new container with the standard image. This comes with a long list pre-published extensions.

The first step in my build is to remove these Microsoft extensions by uninstalling and unpublishing them (without saving data).

But one of them we are going to install again, but in the version we have approved and verified works. Compared to the one in container, then it’s version is lower, so when BC writes “Cannot synchronize extension XXX because a newer version has already been synchronized.” then this is not a surprise.

Is there a way to “force” this older version back into the system, or is this simply not possible?

You’ll have to remove the higher version first, I believe you uninstall, then unpublish, then sync in clean mode. check this out:

It’s not possible to revert back to a lower version. I don’t understand though, you say you’re creating a new container. You have control over what is installed there, why not start with the lower version from the start?