Pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Hi everyone,

I have been using Dynamics NAV for a few months and this is my first experience with business/enterprise solutions so I am not really able to evaluate it or to compare it to other ERPs…

Can anyone tell me what are the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ???

MS Navision loaded with options covering all the areas of a mid size and small company with customization, add on tools and support modules. MS Navision contains modules like financial module with options of general ledger, human resource account payable and receivables, cash ledger, fixed assets, consolidation, budgeting and reporting and project management. Distribution module contain inventory management, returns, pricing for sales and purchase, warehouse management, order processing, inventory costing, shipment and delivery and automated data capture system. Manufacturing module comes with facilities to perform activities like production orders, supply planning, bill of material, demand forecasting, capacity requirements planning and manufacturing costing. CRM has facility to contact, campaign, task, document and opportunity management with interaction log, contact classification and outlook client integration. E-business solutions provide commercial portal and commerce gateway, commerce portal gives a platform for customer, vendors and partners to self service while commerce gateway is to perform transaction with in the application.

MS Navision comes with add on tools and Nav utilities to support existing modules and options for better functionality. MS Navision too has easy to use interface like with an extra facility of hiding, removing extra fields from the screens which are irrelevant for any user. MS Navision provides role tailored or role centers where user gets tools and function which are required by him and other facilities are hidden to avoid confusion and quick understanding. This facility is an advantage with MS Navision in comparison to other ERP. Better integration with other Microsoft tools like excel and office also makes it easy to use by people with minimum IT skills

Thank you for your answer, it is really clear and detailed…

But one thing…Aren’t there any cons ??? any disadvantages ???