Prompt quantity field when posting document

Has anyone else had an issue with the prompt quantity field on the picking list and packing slip defaulting? I understand that this should be a user set up issue and even after clearing usage data, the quantity field is still grayed out. It is as if this has been set on a company level. Is that possible? How does one change that?

The ‘prompt quantity field when posting document’ is checked in the A/R parameters and the procurement & sourcing parameters.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Donna,

As far as I know the quantity field is only grayed out when confirming a sales order.
When the ‘prompt quantity field value when posting documents’ parameter is checked the system will prompt the user for the recommended value (if the users default is different from the recommended value) at each stage of the sales order:

Picking list → All
Packing slip → Picked
Invoice → Packing slip

I hope this helps you.