project references in transactions and various other general questions

  1. I would like to sort/filter Purchase Orders, Production Orders, goods receipt and issues by Main Contract and Project Ids. How can this be done? currently the PO details screen shows only sales order ref and that too in the lines. Project Ids cannot be added to overview screens for filtering unless its direct loose supply rather than a production order in a project
  2. how to issue materials to a certain project and a production order directly from the GRNs/Packing slips i.e material receipts. Idea is to avoid entering so many items all over again and covert the existing packing slips to material issues for a particular project and particular production order
  3. why do the reservations for materials happen only when production orders are firmed? i would like to reserve the material requirements( all materials inside a particular BOM) and the POs placed for all material requirements at the time of registering a job and its BOMs itself. Not when i FIRM the planned orders.
  1. It is not clear, but you are presumably saying you have a sales order which is project based, this then creates production which in turn creates purchases that are in essence required for the project, but are not stamped as for the project. Not certain but pretty sure this is not possible in standard. Some of the add-ons have tried to tackle this I beleive. To-Increase and IEM with the project centre springs to mind.

  2. Not sure what you are getting at here - you want to book it in and have the system auto-consume it on the production order? Nope not possible.

  3. Turn production reservations off by setting it to Manual, then you will be reserving the stock at picking list registration.


  1. this is quite strange. We ususally plan our orders and club them based on projects. how can we do that in our planning and PO screen without the project IDs. are you sure this is not at all possible? also why the planned orders come item wise rather than supplier-wise/planned order number wise

  2. the production consumption screen in AX where we entere how much we have used for the project against a particular BOM, we are not able to see which items have been received and which have not. As a result, its difficult for the stores guy to issues materials to production. To avoid this, we want an option where as soon as we receive an order and make a packing slip, we can choose to immediately consume the items in the project directly from packing slip or copying the items from it rather than having to type an item one by one while making consumptions/material issues to production.

  3. no. we dont want manual reservations. Our actual requirement is that when we register a project/sales order i.e. convert the quotation to an order, whatever items are in the BOM created while registering the order, we want the items to be reserved for that job if required then itself, rather than waiting to reserve the components only after firming the Production orders, which in our case is too late and messes up our planning. At the moment we have seen reservation being made for BOM items for a particular job, how to make the components in that BOM also be reserved for that job if available physically in stock???

  1. No not sure at all, you are telling me this, it does not surprise me because the purchase is not directly related to the project, the sale is, the production is not if you run it through planning. You are telling me it does not work, I am telling you it does not surprise me. I have not configured a whole system to reproduce your issue, I do not have the time I am afraid. Items in the planned screen can be sorted by vendor, or filtered.

  2. You need to modify the system to achieve this. I would not recommend it, but that is from the limited information you have given here. If I sat down with the customer for a day this may change, but it is your choice, your implementation.

  3. The system is set to reserve - you do not want it to, you want it to reserve outside of the system based reservation available options. These are estimated, scheduled or start. You are talking about registration - this is not available. Unless by registration you mean something else, because you are now saying only after firming is it too late. You cannot reserve against a planned order simply because at this stage it is not a real order, you have not firmed it, at this stage you could alter the quantity/vendor etc so you would have to unreserve and re-reserve before you have even made the decision. Then you completely contradict yourself by saying you want the BOM components reserved if they are in stock - this is happening for you, it must be because of your reservation issues, or are you just saying they are late. Your statement and original question in this point contain so many contradictions it is almost impossible to answer. Basically the production reservation setting in the parameters defines when reservations are made - it is as simple as that. There is a reserve ordered items flag as well, but apart from that if you want reservations to work in any other way you need to modify the system to achieve this.

I would suggest you go back and look at the basic functionality inherent in the system and see if this can be applied to your circumstance.

  1. OK


  1. It seems im not able to make my requirement clear. Apologise for that. I do not need the reservations to happen outside of what is possible in the system. I have seen that when i make a sales order entry in the system with Item requirements of loose components, i have the option in the system to make the reservations happen same time for On-hand or on order etc. However instead of loose components, if i had a BOM item for which i can see the components inside the BOM after exploding it, the finished item i.e. bom gets reserved but not the individual components. I would like to know if ther eis a way to do that. Later it is late as we do planning of our swtichgeear manufacturing, where each finished item is a make-to-orders engineered and designed product, we like to reserve materials automatically upon entering the requirements in the projects so that these items are not issued to any other job on the shopfloor by the stores/production, unless we allow it through manually removing reservations and reserving for another job. Our items are very critical and each finished product is worth hundreads of thousands. Even a $ 5 item if missing does not allow us to dispatch the goods. that is why the criticallity. Anyhow, if it isnt possible then i guess we’ll have to live with it, but i dont understand why system allows it if its a loose item or a finished product, but not the components of finished product. If same BOM is added to the project by exploding it, then items do reserve??

  2. New question: when we explode a Production order, we can see complete BOM of that PO and all the planned purchase orders linked to this project. this view is very good which allows us to see the delivery date of each item in the BOM to allow us to plan operation wise. However, the same view is not available for items in production order with Confirmed POs. How to get this view as our original reporting system in our legacy system already has Delivery date item wise BOM wise, production order wise

  1. You cannot reserve through the explosion of a BOM because there is nothing creating the reservation - there is no order, just a planned order. So no there is no way to do this as standard. Again the entry against the project has to create production, it is this that reserves the stock not the entry of the finished item against the project. If you explode the items against a project then you are not manufacturing it, they are consumed individually, the production would be processed, and therefore the reservations are driven against this. You can set extended marking on, and reservations, but these only come into play depending upon the reservation setting in production, so if it remains planned, no components are reserved, because as yet you have not actually confirmed you need them.

  2. The explosion view is always available and will show it against on hand, or loaded purchase orders, so it is all there. You perhaps need to run the update or the re-read, but it will always peg these requirements all the way through.