Project Quote

On a standard Quote you enter the header and lines, Generate the Quote then Confirm it and the Quote generates a Sales Quote.

I’m now looking at a project quote, I create a Project Quote (both header and lines) but for the life of me I can’t get the Generate and or Confirm buttons not to be Greyed out.

I have it attached to a open valid project. I have a expense line and not missing any required fields.

Any suggestions?


Which version of AX are you using?

If AX2012 R2, then first you need to send the quotation using Generate=> Quotation. Then the Confirm button will get enabled for you.

If AX2012 R3, send quotation using Process=> Send quotation. Then the Confirm button will get enabled for you.

Both of them have these buttons greyed out? Then you need to Submit the quote and get it approved before you send the quotation to customer.

It’s AX 2012 - R2 but the Generate => Quotation is grayed out.

What is the Quotation status? It must be in Approved state in order to Generate=> Quote or Process=> Send Quotation.

Please configure the workflow template and get the quote approved before sending.