Project quotation address is different than project contract / project or customer

Project quotation address is different than project contract / project or customer. It should publish customer address by default, Please advise what could have caused this or is it a bug?

You can assign a different address at quotation level. Have you tried by creating a new quotation?

What s your AX version?

AX 2012 R3.

Quotation address should get populated from project and contract. At the moment it is defaulting to a different address for all the project quotations.

The same address for all project quotations no matter what the project/customer/contract is? Or do you mean a customer default that is not on the project or contract or do you mean something else?

Hi Adam, same address to all the project quotations I have created so far. I does not defaults to delivery address of the customer.

Are there any changes to the code?

Whose address is that? Is it picking up from the first/last customer?

What is that address if it is not connected to any of the customers or project?

it is the main company address not entity has different address

quotation can only be created through enterprise portal and after project/contract creation only.

Why? What happens when you go to Project Quotations and press new what address does it give you then?

When you say “main company” address, the company using AX or the customer the project is for?

quotation creation from the client is restricted, only through EP against the pre-existed projects and customer the project is for.

You need to check standard, if you have restricted it and changed it then it could be that, or it could be the EP interface. As standard it does not work the way you describe, so the issue is in your system/configuration.