Project Purchase Requisition for procuring a BOM item


In AX 2012 R2, I am creating a Project Purchase Requisition, to procure a BOM item. I have followed the steps mentioned in the attached document. Kindly check it. Why System throws error when I am posting the ACCEPTANCE of the RFQ?

Any idea?

Thanks and regards

Thomas Philipose

(Due to size limit of the upload, i am splitting my screen shots into 3 files. Right now the 1st one is uploaded, 2 more shall be uploaded in my replies)

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I think the message is trying to say that your purchase requisition status is no longer Pending request for quotation. Could you once check and let me know if PR is Approved by mistake?

Dear Kiran,

Thanks for your feedback.

I checked on the PR lines and found that status field says CANCELLED. You can try it out.

What i realised is that if we go back to the RFQ, the 1st line where the BOM itself is mentioned, that line once you EXPLODE, the following happens

  1. The BOM itself will have a CANCELLED value in both Lower and Higher fields

  2. All the Child or Components do have CANCELLED value in both Higher and Lower fields

And because of the above only System throws the above message. Please try this once and let me know whether my assumption is right? Do you have any workaround?


Thomas Philipose

Please read as follows

  1. All the Child or Components do have CREATED value in both Higher and Lower fields

When I tested this scenario, I found out that the PR line containing BOM item 1151 still has status of In review even after we explode in RFQ lines.

I partially agree with your assumption. When I debugged the code to get more details I found out the following.

  1. After we explode, the BOM item gets cancelled status and all the BOM line items default with created status in RFQ lines.

  2. Once the RFQ is sent to vendor, accepting the reply or perform Copy data to reply option is not possible due to the following validation failure in Classes\PurchRFQAcceptJournalCreate\checkLine.


(purchRFQTable.rfqType == PurchRFQType::PurchReq)


purchReqLine = purchRFQLine.purchRFQCaseLine().purchReqLine();


(purchReqLine.RequisitionStatus != PurchReqRequisitionStatus::InReview)


ok = checkFailed(




This is because system is unable to find BOM line items in purchReqLine table and returns the default value Draft. Basically we created PR for BOM item not for BOM lines.

If the RFQ is created manually then there is no problem in the entire process flow, it runs smoothly without any error and also the project ID selected during RFQ creation gets copied over to all BOM lines which is not happening when you create RFQ from PR and explode BOM. So better you make a call based on your feasibility.