Project Management in NAV

One of my customer wants to manage their various projects. They are currently using NAV 2009 , Is jobs module for Project mgt ?

Yes, Jobs and Resource Planning modules can be used for Project management

Not so fast. Job and Resources in its simple are not for managing projects. You can fix them for that. But they are not in the first place.

If they’re not for managing projects I’d sure like to know what their main purpose is.

Resources and Jobs are the way to go for this. Like any customer there will probably be customizations, but they are the starting point.

Some time ago there was a rumour MS is working on Navision - MS Project integration, but it’s now vanished in history.

Matt - for REAL project management R&J doesn’t fit - you can only fix some expenses AFTERWARDS, no planning, no scheduling, no what-ifs and timeline control and updating according to real life, in other words no Project Management - only the accounting part of simple “project” aka furniture “manufacturing” as in Cronus DB [:)]

But I recall there exist some AddOns, having some of PM features, anyway, if one needs the level & capabilities of products like MS Project, even these AddOns don’t include all that functionality.

Yeah, I’m not a project manager or PMP or anything like that. So it’s always worked for what I want it to do [:D]