Project management and Accounting - commitment cost is not clearing and Consumed budget is not calculating correctly after invoice is issued


Menu path: Project management and accounting > Common > Projects > All projects.
Select a project with a budget and navigate to the “Control” tab, then “Project budget balances”. This form is to give the Budget, Commitment costs, Consumed Budget and Remaining budget. our users have discovered that the commitment costs are not clearing once invoices are issued against POs; the Consumed budget is not calculating correctly either.

I am not sure if this is a bug in the out of the box version and are there any hotfixes out there to fix the issue? Wondering if anybody had run into the similar issues, and if so, any inputs how to fix the issue is appreciable.

Version : AX 2012 R3

Kernel : 6.3.6000.4431

Application version : 6.3.5000.133



Have you searched in LCS for any Bugs related to it?