Project Item Transactions

Hi guys,

Is it possible to change the dates on Project item transactions? (Projects → Projects → Transactions → Item)

Also, this question might sound pretty stupid, but how do I create new item transactions? And is it possible to set the date of the new transactions to an earlier date?

Thanks in advance.

No it is not possible to alter the dates - these are driven by when the action was taken against the project - when the user posted the transaction - you should not alter posted transactions for Tax and traceability reasons.

You can create new item transactions from the “Item Task” button - depends what type of item transaction you are creating of course.

In standard Ax, you won’t be able to alter dates. But dates can be changed by customisation.

As previous posters said you cannot change the date of a posted transaction - through out AX…

and if you are trying to change the date of posted transactions - through customization - you should take the integration into mind(need to change the dates in multiple tables)…

And when you are doing a transaction posting - you can always do the it past dates.(Provided the period in which you are posting is not closed or stopped)

Many thanks for your responses.

My problem is that when I run the consistency check, I’m getting the infolog messages:-
The value ‘xxx’ in field ‘Reference ID’ is not found in relating table ‘Items’.

I have investigated this and found that some of the Item transactions refer to non-existing transactions. As per your replies, this should be fairly straight-forward to fix as we can use past dates when creating new Item transactions.

However, some other of the Item transactions actually refer to transactions dated later the referring transactions. Is there a workaround for this issue?

You do not want a “workaround” you need to find out the processes causing these issues - it sounds as though items are being deleted after they have been processed against, this is not possible in standard AX. You need to solve the issue, otherwise you will always be fixing this. It would also seem that you do not need to repost transactions but recreate an item that no longer exists.