Project Item requirement

We are using Item requirement form to input all the items needed for each Project .

Then we run the MRP and generate the Planned order against it, then we convert the Planned order into an RFQ then to PO. There will be multiple POs created. We want to do the receiving of goods of particular PO against the Project . The advantage is Item X was ordered for Project A on 01-June and same item was ordered by Project B on 30th of June. When doing the receipt, we know the goods arrived for Project A because they ordered first We want to do the receiving of the Goods against the Project.

How this is possible



PO created from project item requirement will have project’s reference but I’m not sure about via master planning though.

Just establish a link between PO and project, by adding project reference on PO. So whatever you do like Receipt or Invoice its all against that particular PO.


So sorry that I overlooked RFQ process in place before PO generation and more over the solution I suggested above doesn’t really work as once you create PO the Project ID field under reference becomes disabled to enter. Microsoft quotes in R3 it is possible but we need to confirm on the same.

Now for your scenario, here is what you can try doing:

For every Item requirement you enter against a project, there will be a sales order created with type Item requirement. So while you run through master planning, it creates the planned order with pegging relation to this sales order. Here you need to take care of Item coverage planning to take care of consolidation requirement.

Now, as you create a RFQ for the goods create multiple lines with different Project IDs in line details. To do this, use either Addline or Copy line functionality in RFQ. Once you get the reply from Vendors enter them and accept the lines, which will create purchase order with different Project ID lines. This way you can have reference of Project against PO lines. Try this out and let me know.

First of all thanks for the detailed reply.

Sounds fine.


Thomas Philipose

(I have another question about RFQs, I am opening another case with title as"RFQ LINES - Project related data is missing", please have a look)