Project Forecast/budget

Hi All ,

Project accounting in Ax 2012 R2.

I have a question regarding the forecast of project .

a) Is it mandatory to maintain the forecast ?
b) If i want to create the forecast for hour , Item ,Expense in one form ,what is common place to define the forecast for all types , instead defining in separate forms ( project details form - > Plan tab - Forecast for Hour , Item , Expense)
c) Without forecast shall i directly create the project budget ?
d) Can i know the pros/cons if do not define the forecast ( but defined project budget )

Thanks in advance

a) No

b) There is not a common place, they have different functions on the form depending upon the type so difficult to mix (I believe)

c) You can

d) Planning will not plan to any project forecast.

For the question b) I believe there is an option All forecasts in the Plan tab of the project details where you can define all type of forecast transactions.