Project based MRP


I’m working with a customer that is very project orientated and needs to run MRP based upon a specific project or if that’s not possible, from a project related sales order. Net requirements would almost work, but it seems to be sales order line specific. Does anyone have any idea how it might be possible to generate planned purchase requirements based upon a project please?

Thanks, Jon.

Pardon my promotional reply, but I work for a Microsoft partner ISV and that is exactly in the proverbial wheelhouse of where we extend standard AX’s functionality to support project-oriented supply chain management (and financial reporting). You may look us up at…/ for more information.

Alternatively, you could go for a fairly elaborate workaround by trying to use either a product or a tracking dimension repurposed as “project”, just make sure you also treat that dimension as enabled within planning. That’s roughly the path our software takes, though we tackle it much more broadly and are working pretty deep down in the layers…

Hey Chan,

Thanks for the nuanced reply here. It’s tough to not come across too sales-y when your company has something that meets a requirement, but I appreciate even offering a standard option in AX that sort of does something similar!