Programming Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV(David Studebaker )

Hi David,

In mibuso U(DAVID) suggested to one person regarding improve coding and how navision functions work by reading this book

“Programming Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV(David Studebaker )”.I am also new to navision, and try to learn navision.

I dont have much knowledge on coding.So i decided to get this book. What my question is "Is this book released in

Indian Market? If it is released in India then how can i get this book In india.

If it is Not released in India then How can i get this book .What is the process to get this book?What is the postal address to

get this book? I need this book as early as possible. Throw some help

Please provide u r valuable suggestion to me.

Thanks and regards




The best way to get Davids book is to order it online. Actually it hasn’t been released yet, but is expected by the end of this month.

My suggestion is that you click here:

and order the book now. By ordering the book now you will save 20% of the cost, so it will be USD 47.99 (instead of USD 59.99). Most countries have free shipping - but it will cost you 75 Indian Rupees to have the book shipped to India.

I have know Dave Studebaker for many years, and he is a very good and knowledgeble guy. He has been one of our very active members of the user group almost since we started back in the 90’ies. But we have not seen him so active the last year, as he has been working hard to get the book finished! So I hope that we soon will see him again here as an active member…

Thank U so much Erik ,

I will go through the link what u suggested me. If i need any suggestions i will back again to u.

Thank u David also

thanks and regards

I have reviewed this book for David and can personaly recommend it for everyone, even if you are an experienced developer.[Y]

You can meet David at Directions if you want and get your book signatured. [8-|]

Hopefully Dave will stay quite busy. I have started an european hub for his company Liberty Grove Software specialised in Upgrades. [:P]

The book “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV” was released to the public on 10/22/07. I hope you find it useful and, at least occasionally, interesting.

Hi David,

Will you have some books on sale while at Directions so we can buy it and get it autographed? [:)]


Cristi Nicola

Thanks for asking. We will have a few copies of my book for sale at Directions, first come, first serve. We will also have drawings for a small number of complimentary copies during Directions. Anyone who wants their copy autographed is welcome to ask. I’m looking forward to meeting you there. My picture is attached to this so you should be able to recognize me without much trouble. Our firm, Liberty Grove Software, will have a booth at the Expo Friday and Saturday early evening. Come say Hi and tell me what we should include in the next edition [:D]

Hi Hansika,

why not come to Microsot on Saturday, Dave has donated a copy of his book to give away. Read here for more details