Programmer Exam Tips

Hi, I have browsed a few of the topics regarding the Programmers exam. I passed it yesterday and although it was easy (I say this after passing it) there were a few tricky questions. So I hope this helps anyone who attempts the exam. [:D] Material Studied: 1. Browse Through: Application Designers Guide. It’s the blue book and the version I had was for 2.60. Appendixes help most because they have a summary of basic info (code max length = 250 etc). No debugging covered in exam. 2-3 questions on Table Locking and Optomistic concurrency. Mostly you can scan this book and only highlight a few key points on each section. If you have been a developer in Navision or advanced user you should not have to study this for too long. 2. “Section-Architecture.pdf” is very important in the exam. Expecially if you want to know the Navision Standards. Every chapter except the “Security Model” is valid for the exam. Focus on Cfront vs CODBC, SQL and especially “Functional areas and Granules”. This document made me pass!!! 3. ProgrammingCourseManualV3.01.pdf. This is a massive document. I only printed out the Questions and Answers sections – did not look at the rest. Gives you a good grounding for the type of questions in the exam. Notes: Some of the harder questions were actually easier to answer. It’s the easy they catch you on. 1. DIV, MOD command. 2. LOCKTABLE command. 3. Navision Standards… 4. SumindexFields 5. Table properties 6. CFront vs Codbc? 9. Good luck. [;)] posting modified…

Hi Nic, Congratulations on passing the programming exam, a great achievement indeed! I just wish that I received your hints before I studied and pass mine! You wouldn’t by chance be taking your Financials exam soon with lots of tips as well! [8D] Here’s hoping! Cheers David

Hi Nic, Congratulation for pass your exam. I want to take it soon, thanks for your hint. Where can I get the manuals that you used to study for the exam ?

Already passed the financials exam, but I would have to lookup my notes and materials I used. Hang ten. Manuals.: I will check where I got them and let you know. (I think I got them off the microsoft site, and some from long ago… - will look again when I am in the office )

Congrats Nic! You must have missed the agreement at the start of the exam that you would not disclose any information eh [;)]


Congrats Nic! You must have missed the agreement at the start of the exam that you would not disclose any information eh

I think you may have a good point here. I had better review my “tips” giving (don’t want to get in troubly [:o)]), but hope that my recommended studying material helps!

Thanks Nic for ur tips.

Congrats Nick, I have also passed the programming exam some time ago and I have to sit for the Development one… …you don’t happen to have any useful hints and tips for that one as well, no do U…? Thanks in advance [:D]

Some discussion’s I have had with fellow Navision mates have made me realise that a lot have people have had to sit the Programmers exam a few times before they have passed. Then they have to face the Developers exam! (I have yet to take that step [:-(]. I have seen a few posting’s on this site that cover the developer’s exam. (Search “EXAM” on this forum).

I had one or two postings here or on about exams. For the Developer exam, I remember that both I and a colleague failed the first time just even though we knew the material, just because we ran out of time. The exam that we sat for was some 2 hours long, with 100 question. There was a case study at the end, so the last 20 questions took more time than the first 20 questions (and we were tired too), so I would recommend finishing 60% (not just 50%) of the questions in the first half of the allotted time. Alastair