Programmable section layout in AX report

I want to repeat the BodyProdBOM_HT

and ProgrammableSection with id = 2


Body is always linked to data source.It gets repeated depending on total records in the table(data source linked to table).

eg:If my table has 5 records, body section(BodyProdBom_ht) gets repeated 5 times. we can’t judge the body to run the 6th time.

But you can use the programmable section to repeat it multiple times.

So you can repeat BodyProdBom_ht.

You can repeat ProgrammableSection with id = 2.

Thanks chakradhar!

The issue was repeating it at the end of report so that both sections grow at same time but with another couple of sections in between.

and the query is run in fetch where for every record fetched I have the section populates and not in execute section itself.


Hi mahmood

One of report long back.I ececuted programmable section in middle of report for each record.If you need at the end of report place element.execute(1) at

the end of while loop.Hope this helps you.

My issue (though I have used a work around now) is to execute the section at same place in logic but to appear at a different location in the layout. so if I used a fixed location for the second instance it messed the report design as there are more sections in same report that come between these two sections and (un)luckily each of them is a programmable . i think your replies helped me understand the whole idea more though I would go for SSRS next time as we are eying an upgrade from 3.0 to 6.0 this year :slight_smile:


Hi Chakradhar,

Assume in the datasouce i have 100 records out of which i need to display only few records depening on some condition. In such case where should in need to filter the records?



Hai Akash,

if u want to give some condition for your data source you should write it in the fetch() method.

The condition may be like: (a) Want to filter the data source 100 records based on certain condition.

The code is

public boolean fetch()


this.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(Empltable)).addRange(fieldnum(empltable, category)).value(‘teamLead"’); // write ur condition here.


please replay if u dont under stand

Hi Chakradhar,

I want to use programmableSection in the body of the report.

I have add one field in the programmableSection and I want to use this field in the body part of the report.

Is this Possible or not please tell me if you have any idea.