Proforma Purchase order

Hi All

When i am invoicing the PO and if the pending Invoice is there for the PO, while posting it is giving me the Pro Forma Invoice and once i delete the pending invoice and then post it it get posted. This is the first time i am facing this problem. Can anyone explain me why this is happening.

And it will be appreciated if can you give me the idea what is the pending invoice, i have some idea about it but not fully, may be.

Dear Imran,

there are number of reason that invoice goes into pending status.

(1) during posting AX application is closed suddenly

(2) During Posting Invoice Application hangs.

(3) During Posting Invoice user has discard the invoice due to wrong entry but instead of unsaved changes they have select option save.

(4) During Posting Invoice mismatch of price as per the policy define in your company

this is the problem which we are also facing and number of reason are there

it is simple to solve this.

go to pending invoice in AP and from there you can post directly the invoice.

also will update you if i will face some other reason related to this issue.

Thanks Hussain for your reply.

As when the Invoice have the pending invoice and trying to invoice it is giving the proforma invoice it is not get posted. to post the invoice first i have to delete the pending invoice then invoice the po. This is first time i am facing this, what can be the reason for this

Hi Imran,

as i said imran.

pending mean you cannot post that invoice, you go to AP pending invoice and from here open that PO and post this will work.

but if you make invoice again from Purchase order area then it will not work.

First time I hear problem of this kind. Usually when the invoice is in pending list, trying to invoice PO would result in error saying ‘No lines for posting’ until user manually selects the invoice from Pending vendor invoices list page and either posts or deletes the record from there.

The behavior is strange though, I suggest once to debug the code and see through if there is any customization around.

Agreed with Kiran,

perfect explanation for this issue.