Professor looking for cost shares examples/ BOM examples with costs

I am an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and I teach a product design and development class. As part of this class, I teach the students about Bill of Materials and part costing. The students always struggle with hypothetically costing parts. I would like to give them as many realistic examples as possible. While searching for examples online, I came across this bicycle example:

I am looking for more examples like this, to create an educational game called “guess the product.” The students would view a BOM and try to guess what it is for, and in the process be exposed to accurately created BOMs with realistic part costs. Do any of you have such a BOM that you would be willing to make public? Old products are fine. What I need is:

(1) a screen shot such as the one linked above

(2) a basic description of the product, or a photo or drawing if you are willing to share

(3) the year that the BOM is from (so the students can think about how much the costing might have changed since them).

It does not need to be for an exciting product like a bicycle, any product will do that they could possibly guess, and I can also give many hints and change the game if the product is not guessable. You can email me at or reply to this post if you are willing to donate a BOM. Note that the information would become public. Thank you for your help.


Hi Erin,

I don’t have any actual samples that you can use, but I can suggest, unless you already know it, that you read this book:

It’s written by one of our members [mention:4a07ce597c904f50a75d74552219b7a6:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05].