Productivity Calculations

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Through various questions of the members and replies by the experts, found this forum very helpful/useful in developing knowledge on how to use the Navision ERP tool to tackle the real time challenges/requirements of the clients while implementations. I would like to appreciate especially the moderator and the participating members in this forum.

My query is on Productivity calculation of Capacities (Machine/Workcenters).

  1. How to calculate the productivity of a machine/work center at the end of the day/month?

  2. How efficiency and capacity fields (No of machines) in the Machine/Work center cards helps in arriving the productivity levels?

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How are you capturing the real time information? Are you using the output journal and capturing actual time of each operation? Depending upon how this is answered initially answers your first question. Then of course we need to know your measurement of productivity - time, material, % utilised etc.

Have you looked at the reports under manufacturing - Execution? There are some work centre load reports. However from your specific requests I would say you would probably have to write a report to get out what you want in the format you will want it.

The efficiency and capacity fields on the work centre help with the planning and scheduling, they are modifiers, so they do not really define a productivity level, although they naturally affect it. The capacity has the ability to alter teh time to take through the work centre. Think of it as an indication of the people present, so if an operation takes 2 hours to go through this work centre but the capacity is set to 2 it will only take an hour, as two people are working on it. The efficiency affects planning, so if your work centre has 10 hours available work time per day, but has an efficiency of 80% the system will only plan 8 hours before moving to the next day.

thank u Mr. Adam, for the immediate response.

  1. Yes. We are capturing the actual time consumed for each operations. U mean to say that, once we know the actual output quantity and time taken, we can calculate the productivity of machine center. Since we know the actual qty how many it can generate.

  2. Efficiency:As u mentioned the efficiency is used in the planning to consider the effective hours to be planned on any day, pl let me know the use of capacity constriant (%), we are defining for loading the machine on any day.

Capacity: As u have mentioned, the load will be divided between no. of capacities defined. But always we cannot definetely say that the operation to be carriedout can be split and can be loaded into no. of machines defined (OR can i presume that Navision suites/considers scenarios where we can split the load into different machines).

pl. comment on my understanding of your views.



As it is a unit based production you are capturing the actual amounts produced, there will be a theoretically quantity based upon either your attached routing, or known factors, but this will depend upon the configuration. Ultimately if the expected and actual are in there, you will be able to get it out and calculate your productivity, it will just be that you will have to write the report, or have it as a view if that is possible (I am not a developer). If you go to the Work Centre and select the Work Centre button and statistics you will get some indicators in here which may prove useful.

Where are you seeing the capacity constraint % field?

The capacity is for planning, on the route you will define the concurrent capacities available on the routing, and you can alter this on each production order.


Yes. As u mentioned, need to generate a report for calculating the productivity levels.

In Manufacturing-Capacities-Setup-Capacity constriants, we can set the percentage critical load. According to this, system plans the load for that particular capacity. Let me know how the efficiency field in capacity card can be used.


Essentially as standard NAV has infinite capacity, if you want finite you specify them in the constrained resources. You may consider these your bottleneck areas. This then works on the same principle as the load, if your WC can work for 10 hours a day and you set this to 80% it can only plan for 8 hours and then no other order can use the WC at this time

Thanks Mr. Adam.