Production Units - warehouses

I am wondering what are the applications for Picking Warehouse and Storage Warehouse properties for the production units (Production > Setup > Production units)?

Can I use them to make Master Planning generate Planned Transfer Orders for a Work Centers of type Vendor (Planned Transfer order from the storage warehouse for items, that will be used for a production at the vendor’s site)?

I tried putting any WH for Picking and Storage, but it seems this does not matter much when planning is run.

P.S.: I read the MS documentation and Googled the topic without much success.

The Production Units are refrenced when the BOM is not site specific and you want to utilise the work centre consumption. The work centre is linked to a production unit which is linked to a warehouse - and it is then that the planning sees the demand and depending upon the item coverage settings will start to trigger planning.

Vendor work centres are for sub-contracting and purchase order generation - not to transfer to a vendors site, you are looking for funcitonality that does not exist there. You need to read up on the sub-contracting and see how it works, you purchase a service but consume the stock at the step of the operation linked to the BOM and the picking list for the sub-contract op consumes the stock as you send it to the vendor.

I have another question - I have a dummy work center that has closed working calendar which is assigned to each operation in each route.

In each route I setup Task Group so that the Master Planning can distribute capacity according to the workcenters in the task group.

The check box “Consumption at work center” in each BOM is active.

However, the system does not generate planned transfer orders. It seems the MP takes the warehouse from the DUMMY work center which does not have any defined (since it is virtual WC that I use just to distribute capacity among WCs in a task group).

Is there any way to take the WC automatically after the capacity is distributed and therefore to generate automatically transfer orders?

First of all the task group is not for distributing work, a task group is used in order for scheduling to select the best option that can perform a task, so it will only pick a work center not distribute the work. Make sure all your WC in the task group have PU and PUs have correspoding warehouses.

I presume the ProdBOM has the dummy work centre on it? I would “guess” that when MS designed the production unit and the WC consumption they ignored the concept of the task group - I would guess it is a limitation, but I have not tried it.