Production Status - showing wrong status


I am surpirse when we start Production Order scheduling production order status displays “Reported as finsihed” in place of status “Material consumption”.

I checked, BOM its correct, item type BOM defined. I don’t find any clue to solve this issue.

Is any one knows the solution?

Thanks & Regards,


Is there a pick list journal created? Is there a posted pick list journal? On the BOM button are there any lines?

What parameters did you use at the start to handle the picking list?

There is no picking list generating… I checked flushing as well…

There is no picking list generated - but have you set the parameters to create one?

Is there a BOM reference on the production order? (I don’t believe there is)


I found the issue why it was not working properly. BOM for production is not active due to this status was wrong.

Once again thanks for all of your prompt help.