Production Schedule Gantt Server error

This posting is just FYI. I received an error running the Production Schedule in v4 - “Error showing schedule data on the Production Schedule”. Quite ambiguous, but I tracked it down to ErrorNo 5006 in codeunit 5500. On the file on v4 product cd \Additional Interfaces\Navision Gantt Server\cWrapper.cls, error 5006 = ngXMLIntContentHandlerCharacters. The root was the use of the ampersand character ‘&’ in some of the Work Centre names. The same would apply to Machine Centre names, Production Order Descriptions, and Production Order Line Descriptions. These fields are output to an XML document I presume to be displayed by the gantt server, but cannot handle certain characters. I got around the problem by substituting the &‘s for +‘s using the following code in the Export::OnBeforePassField trigger of XMLport 5500. Name - Export::OnBeforePassField() “Work Center”.Name := CONVERTSTR(“Work Center”.Name,’&’, ‘+’); Hope this helps someone.