Production: Rework

Hi all,

I am trying to take the best decision on how to handle a production rework. More precisely, I wonder how to do rework without having to create “rework” items. Actually, the wy we handle it is to create a specific item named rework, changing its cost to cover charges and other costs, and continue the production with this new item…

Do you have a simple way to propose? If I just would be able to add misc charges (dynamicaly) on my BOM…

I don’t know if Magali is around anymore, but this is still a relevant topic, I think.

I’ve seen using either the production pool or the production group. The production group can be used to drive the postings to different accounts, too (in AX 2012).

Either way, you can create a production order for your finished product with this group or pool specified. Create the production order without a BOM selected, and you should be able to create a picking list and route card based on whatever rework is required. You can even use the original finished good as a component in this production order.

Any one else have any comments? How have you seen this done?