Production Report as Finished qty double

I had created a production order for a BOM item with qty 10 for example. Then when i post production order to Report as Finished, the system will showed the qty 20 in the qty field.

I found that this happened if i’m using secondary operations. I’m unable to put any good qty value for the secondary operation in the Route Card Journal. But after i posted the Route Card Journal, i checked the Route update column, it stated the quantity there.

Therefore I’m unable to end the production as if i ended with 10, system will prompt me error “Total good quantity reported as finished for the production will be 10.00. Feedback for the last operation is 20.00 in total”. Besides, if I end the production order with qty 20, system prompt me error “Quantity reported as finished exceeds the quantity started.”

Can anyone help me how to overcome this?


Dear ,

You have the start the production order 2 time with 10 qty i.e production start qty - 20 . so system show you error

Not sure Vijay is answering your question there!

As standard the secondary operation takes the lead of its primary operation, so the values you specify at the primary level are used for quantity, run time etc. You cannot as stadnard enter a good quantity in the secondary operations. If I post the route card in this manner there is no good quantity on teh secondary operation - are you saying you are seeing it here? Have you any modifications in the route card? I would guess the system would, if you could get a value in there, report 20 as it would total these together.

To get around this on the RAF select the “Accept Error” option, but when reporting 10 not 20, because you never made 20! I would still want you to get to the cause of the issue however.

hello ,

can you please explain me what is primary and secondary operation. i am also facing the same problem.

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Hi Harshini,

I use the primary and secondary operation function in AX 2009 for capturing the production operation cost. Let’s give you a scenario here:

Company A request to charge the production cost of the Cutting process as per below:

  1. Total machine cost for this operation by qty. In this case, I setup the primary operation by tagging to the machine category setup by qty.

  2. Total labor charge for this operation by hour. In this case, I set the secondary operation by tagging to the labor category setup by hour.

When system generate the route card, user only feedback the primary operation. Once the route card posted, system will auto calculate this 2 costs setup as the FG cost.

I have log a cases to Microsoft, and there is a hotfix for this issue. I would suggest you to search in the partner source support issue lists.

I suppose you solved your problem but I post a link to the solution described by Microsoft as this is valid also for Ax2012.

Briefly, you do not have to set the Automatic route consumption to Alwas both when you start the Production order and when you Report as finished. So if you put Always on Start, put Never when you Report as finished.