Production-Price calculation

Hi everybody! I have a production order already ended, but since the estimation step when looking in the price calculation form, Overview costing tab, there are two items that doesn’t show the Estimated cost amount. As this is a test environment all of them were purchased to the same supplier, same purchase order and invoice. I’m 99% sure that item 0016 (the last one) has the same configuration than the others that have the estimated cost calculated… what could be the reason of not seeing a value for those two items?

Thanks a lot!

It would imply that they were not in the original BOM copied to the order at creation and were added to the BOM journal, or check the calculation flag on the BOM line.

I verified the BOM before estimating the order, the calculation flag was setted. It started working when I changed the Calculation group for the items grouping them by type, the strange thing is that previously all of them has the same Calculation group, so why for some of them yes the cost was estimated and for others not… anyway now it is working I’m pretty sure it has to do with the Calculation group change.

Many thanks AdamRoue!

One of them has the Calculation flag unchecked!!! Thanks again!!!