Production posting


In the item group, I can see there is a tab “production order”, with the ledger accounts “Issue”, “Issue offset account”, “Receipt”, “Receipt offset account”. If I click the “Posting” button, then I can the Inventory posting form is open. The “Inventory posting” form also has a production tab, with different ledger accounts - “Issue”, “Issue offset account”, “Receipt”, “Receipt offset account”. What are the difference between them?

Likewise, also for the purchase order, sales order and inventory as well?


I can give you a nice white paper regarding production posting if you give me an email.

Thanks Héctor, already sent you a message. [Y]

The difference in the accounts of the difference when you press the posting button? :slight_smile:

Dear Hector

Could you please share with me the same document?

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can you send me a copy too?

I am trying to understand which posting profile is used when an order is posted…

It doesn’t seem to be the Posting profile defined on the Sales Order “Setup” tab.

So for example,

If you bring up a Sales Order (SO-012147)

→ go to the General Tab,

→ right-click on the Customer-number,

→ on the Customer form, click on the “Service” Tab,

→ Notice the Project Contract number, “USGLTONNAG”

→ right-click on this contract number,

→ now, see that the Posting profile for the Project Contract

is “STD”

Which, in our case, is NOT the same as the one we associated with the Sales Order

via the “Setup” tab, “Posting Profile”.


Its Item Group posting account you will find below tab

  1. Sales

  2. Purchase

  3. Inventory

  4. Production

I hope you got it.


Differences? I think both are same. If you want to define account specific to Item group then define it from the Item groups form. In the Item posting you’ll have additional options to select Table/Group/All to choose from.

To understand the logic just try this: Change one of the account number lets say Production, receipt on the item group and click on Item posting. Now see the production tab for the Receipt account, change will reflect here. If you change the account number from here, it will reflect on the Item groups form.