Production order without InventTransOrigin

Hi all,

I have issue with some Prod Orders in system (I found three). This orders has no InventTransOrigin, despite the ProdTable.InventTransId is not empty. It seems to system deleted InventTransOrigin. There is no rows in InventTransOriginProdTable as well. I can’t report as finished and end this orders. Form InventTransferRegister is closing immediately after open it.
Items are stocked and process was’t modified in this area.

Is it any solution to recover InventTrans and InventTransOrigin and then process this orders to end?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How these production order are created? Do you see any inventory transactions related to it (if you cannot see from the production order, then try looking from the released product)?

What is the status of production order?

Hi. Thank you for response.

Production order status is Created. We don’t import prod orders so manually. If I browse InventTransOrigin table I found inventtrans origin with InvnetTransType ProductionLine (from BOM) but InventTransOrigin with InventTranType Production is missing.

Is that a planning item? Is that a batch order or production order?

I prepared job to re-estimate this prod order and it’s seems to be ok now.

Running estimation in normal way (as user) hasn’t worked as expected.

    estimated = InventUpd_Estimated::newInventMovement(InventMov_Prod::newFromProdTable(_prodTable));