Production Order with multiple lines

We have NAV 2018 with many add-on’s one of which is To-Increase Food. We have been using their Batch Planner and Quick Planner tool for many years. We have need of creating some production orders that don’t quite fit the usual type for us. We need a Production Order that has multiple lines of the same Item on it which we consider each Production Line to be a “Batch”. So basically a user would have 3 pieces of info they need to enter (Item No. that we are making, Number of Batches and Qty per each batch) which we would use to create a Production Order. I can do this all manually (Create Production Order, Add multiple lines) but before a create a tool to do this was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this out of the box?

Another way to ask the same question: Out of the box is there a way to create a Production Order with multiple lines?

I should add that I would like an easier way to do this rather than just the manual method I mentioned above.


I know NAV and BC can create a multi-line Production Order (called Project Order) whereby it creates a single Production Order for all Sales Order Lines. Now you can execute this action from the Order Planning within the Sales Order.



Hi Jason,

You can create the first line then copy row, then paste the row to the second and third line.