Production Order Status - in error we had a mass update of our Production Order Status

Last week we had all of our open jobs have their status changed at the exact same time to the previous status.

We are trying to trouble shoot how this could have possibly happened. Has anyone encountered this before?

Never had them changed to the previous status but we have had issues in the past where a user was Starting all the orders by going through the Periodic section of the menu and going to the Select button but not specifiying any criteria. What we did to prevent it in the future was to add a custom Security Key to the Select button on those forms and not give them access to it. Then to take it a set further, we created custom forms with just the bare minimum fields on there to process transactions for Production orders and only gave them access to those.

This is quite easy to reproduce. Go to a single production order. Select the reset status option - this lists one order. Then press the select button, then okay, you will see it lists every order and one reset status. Press ok.

Usually this is done by a user not really understanding what they need to do and not looking at the screen when doing it, or not understanding what they are about to do. [:D]

Thanks for the updates. I have made sure that the periodic mass updates are only available to the users that would need it.

I have also recreated the issue when doing a reset and selecting the “select” button. Since that is not necessary at this point, i have taken away permissions to select that button.

So…i am hoping that we have addressed this issue! Thanks all for your quick responses!!

We wrote a notification method to display a warning when more than one order are selected, to show the user they could potentially be Reporting as Finished or Resetting more than desired :slight_smile: