Production Order Statistics

Dear All, I would like to ask your help to explain about how the production order statistic especially the capacity need field of expected cost and actual cost, these are what I don’t know their calculations. I saw it’s different and why it’s different, these following situation are examples : a. capacity need of expected cost field total = 3000 min, I drill down and see as follows in the production order routing.: 1. run time (minutes) x 3 machines x input quantity = 10 x 3 x 100 = 3000 min b. Capacity need of actual cost field total = 75 min, I drill down and see as follows in the capacity ledger entry.: run time (minutes) : 1. Machine 1 = 25 min 2. Machine 2 = 25 min 3. Machine 3 = 25 min quantity : 1. Machine 1 = 25 2. Machine 2 = 25 3. Machine 3 = 25 output quantity : 1. Machine 1, 2 and 3 = 100 pcs in the capacity ledger entry. case a and b have different calculation method based on the above mentioned. Pls let me know why it’s different. rgds, mark

Hi Ths has nothing to do with costs. The fields “happen” to be below those titles, but they are in fact time related. The expected capacity need is reflected in the allocated time associated with the routing. The actual is the recorded time of a finished operation. The time is referenced as you would expect with the setup time taken once, and the run time multiplied by the produced/planned quantity. The calcualtions are the same, what you are seeing is a difference in timings and possible usage/planned differences.

Tks for your reply but I am still confusing, why the calculation is different…??? because the routing’s run time is 10 mins of each machine, actual is 25 mins, output qty are same for both of them but the results are different… rgds,

Hi Mark Create one simple routing - with a run time of 10 mins and a setup of 10 mins. Make 2 on a released production orders. Expected would read 30 minutes. Actual would read 0 minutes. Create the production journal for output, create a run time of 8 mins and a setup of 10 mins. flag the line as finished when posting. Your actual will now read 26 mins. I cannot see what you see, I can just tell you how it works. If you understand this you maybe able to find out why you believe you have an issue.

dear Steven, tks a lot for your reply. it worked good. rgds, mark