Production order Remain status problem on AX 2009

Hi All,

I have created a new production order on AX 2009 and updated order to plnanned status.

However when i update the production order’s status to “estimate” level, The Status converts to estimated level but “remain status” field doesn’t changes and remains as “Material Consumption”.

I have checked the journals of order but found nothing.

What is the possible reason for this update problem…

Thanks in advance…


It’s supposed to remain in “Marterial Consumption” status, correct me if i am wrong.

No, it’s supposed to be “null” or “created” .

Bocouse when i create new order this field seems null.

i’m still using 4.0 version, so i dont know if there is a different…

if you set the production order status to “Created” then your remain status would be null.

No it is not supposed to be Null.

Created is not a real status, so the field is initiallised - once you take it to any step teh remain status indicates the transactions that are outstanding and will happen next.

The status is correct for an estimated order fromteh perspective of remaining status.

Thank you guys, the problem has been solved with your help…