production order FP-XXXXXXXXXXX Could not be scheduled. A cyclic route was detected

Hi all…,

i am facing the problem like this…

production order FP-XXXXXXXXXXX Could not be scheduled. A cyclic route was detected

when running job scheduled in Forecast and Master Plan

, kindly your advice what should i do?

I m using -->AX2012R2



I would guess you have phantom items, and that your phatoms have routes that when appended in the explosion to the main production cause a never ending loop. Check your route on the production order.

i have this route , how to check it ?


Check the resources and the flow it would take - looks straight forward as 10-20-30 but clearly AX does not like it - also get a developer to debug the message.

Can you post the exact error message?

Also eidt the route and remove the secondary steps so you just have 10-20-30 I guess that will work, so then you need to focus on your secondary setup.

Okay so what happens on removal of the secondary operations - how are they configured etc. ?

after configure like this

Appeared the same error

I want debug this error where class method …, position…?

i want to debug this error, where is the place i can find the class method ?

A developer will turn on debugger get the same message and start to look at the code.

You have not looked at resources and resource groups yet what do they look like?

yes i haven’t , then what should i do to fix this problem?

You won’t know how to fix it until you know what it is.

That’s why i asked in this forum, i have no idea what is happened. i really need some advice to solve my problem. could u tell me what first thing i should do? and how?

Look at the structure of the route and resources. The route could call a resource that then calls itself. Also get a developer to debug to focus on the data issue.

@Adam, I’ll try your advice