Production Order for Backward Flushing

While using backward flushing in production order we noticed few things

  1. Our machine center lines are posted twice in capacity ledger entries, after changing status from released to finished it’s posting entry no 17 to 20( attached in image)
  2. Why does the double posting occurs for backward flush machine center only? This method is suitable if there’s no extra consumption, how can we enter extra consumption quantity in backward posting?
  3. In entry no 17 why the output is posted as 0 (highlighted in blue line in “image”)?


In this Production Order, I see 4 Routing steps. I see 4 entries where the User entered Output Quantity = 1 and no Run Time values (Quantity). What was the original Quantities for the Production Order? The Backflush shows the time Quantity being backflushed and the Output of the 1 Unit. I am OK with the Backflush of the time. What was the Item Ledger Entries for the Output?


Original quantity as of quantity given in header? (We gave 1 quantity in header)
We gave one quantity for all BOM components and output values.(to routings/ machine centers)


I see that you consumed your BOM components and they did not duplicate. Your Output is 1 unit, as seen on the Capacity entries referenced from your other pic. The Capacity booked via the Backflush of the run time you had on the routing when you changed status to Finished. All looks good to me.


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I would agree with Steve. The reason the Op 40 output was 0 is because it is the last Operation on the Production Order, and you had already Output 1. Everything looks good from the outside, how did your costing turn out?

While posting production orders using backward flush, I’ve noticed few things
When I use work center or combination of work center and machine center the process looks ok and all quantities are getting posted after changing status to finished.
However, if I use only machine centers it’s not posting last machine center from routing line. Why is it not posting the last machine center line while the status is changed to finished? Is there any setup we need to look into.
Pl check on the image which I’ve attached, the operation no 30 is not posting while order is flushed via backward flushing. If I use work center or work center/machine combo operation no 30 would have posted in capacity ledger.