Production Input Journal


I am attempting to create a production input journal, linking to a production order, create lines and post all using x++. I have looked for documentation and there isn’t much (have tried several places). What I did find was information on the invent journal and attempted to apply the same logic to the production journal. My initial problems were that the comparable classes for the WMS journal didn’t have/expose the same methods as the invent journal class. Attempting to get by meant using differnt classes, but I still can’t get it to work.

Using WMSJournalTable to create the journal record, and WMSCreateJournalLines to create lines, and then JournalCheckPOst to attempt to post.

Doing this fails saying the joural buffer is empty.

Any ideas?

Let’s start all again! [:)]
Possibly in a navision programmer language. Some of us are also VB, VBS, Access, C++, ecc… programmers, but some aren’t.

What are you trying to do? Writing a Consumption journal? Well, knowing nothing, I would start filling the Consumption journal by hand and looking at the fields in the table… I would also look at the functions behind the buttons and menuitems in form 99000846 - there even are some the do something similar to what you seem to try to do.
BTW - the table involved is table 83, “Item Journal Line”, not 7311, “Warehouse Journal Line”.

All the above supposing I guessed what you were asking, if I didn’t, please, explain. [:)]

Well this was posted in the AX forum Anna [:D]

I am not a developer, but it is still not clear, is this a production pick list journal and route card journal at a posted stage?

Hi Anna and Adam,

Thanks for the response. Ok, if I explain, the production order has been created and started. we have a product which has several operations to manufacture, and the final production order contains the operation to assemble the final pakced box. In order to complete this order, we need to assign a pallet id, and this is done on AX by going to the production input journal and receiving stock. When we add the lines, we cna then assign pallet id. With it received, (and now in the inbound dock), we should be able to end the production order there. But we also want to do an inventory movement transaction, ie move stock from one location to another (this is picked up from AX).

So that is the scenario. I want to be able to do this with X++ code (so it can be called from a webservice), and all I have is the production order id. Ok, regarding your point Anna, yes I have looked at the setup of the forms, and the WMSJournal Table and WMSJournalTrans table seem to be the ones referenced in there. I also ran the profiler to see if I could pick up which classes/methods were beign used, but that seemed to confuse matters as many methods were being shown that werent exposed when calling the class.

I have attempted to manally add a record to the WMSJournalTable, and then using the WMSJournalCreateLines class add lines. I then attempted to post the journal (first tried WMSJournalCheckPost, but nothign really usable there, so then moved to JournalCheckPost). Attempting to use this, I received the error that the journal buffer was empty.

Any ideas of where I am going wrong?

Oooops, sorry! I noticed it too late! [:$]

Sorry you will need a developer for this one, and I am not one!

Which is why I posted this to the ax devloper forum [;)]

If there are no devlopers here, any chance I could be pointed to where they meet and discuss these types of issue? I ahve tried on the MS community site, but the response rate on there is pretty dire.


Hi Paloosa,

There are AX developers here, there are just not as many AX developers active as NAV developers. Navision a long tradition of a very active community (ex. this site has existed for almost 14 years). There are just not as many AX people active in the communites, not just here on the Dynamics User Group. But give it a few days, then I’m sure the answer will come.