Product Version in ax 2012

I am new to ax 2012 and gettingmy head around the master product>product way of doing things.

One of the things I am looking for is where is the “version” field to put in what version of the product you are working with. Is that in a different place?


hi Allen,

On AX 2012 Client, right hand top corner, you will find the help icon. Click on help icon (alternatively press ALT + H), go to “About MIcrosoft Dynamics AX”. You will find the version information (Kernel Version, Application Version).

Also, you can map build version to Ax releases at following site:

Hope this helps.



I didn’t ask the correct question.

the question should have read: If I want to know the latest revision of a part in AX, where would I find that? If that in the Product Information Management section?