Product receipt posting adding the Purchase order to a load

The context is the following one:

I set up the flag to automatically create a load when a purchase order is confirmed.

Then, I’ve created a purchase order and it automatically has appeared in the “loads” form at the Warehouse Management module. I want to post the product receipt from the Load so I click on “Product receipt” but then, the next infolog appears:

Anyone knows why?

Thank you!

I would guess you have not gone through the registration process and you have configured the item to insist upon it through the model group and therefore you get the message.

Hi AdamRoue,

Therefore, the only way to do the registration and automatically create the putaway work order is with the mobile device app? Or how can I do that with the mobile device?

Thanks a lot

If you are not using the app then use the item arrival to process the registration, if you are using the app (depending which one) then use the registration feature before the receipt process.