Product Name change


I am looking to update a name of a product we use. When I complete that, I can see that the changes are made throughout the opportunity’s line item (one product per line). However, I have created a custom entity to track each line item’s schedule of revenue (see example below).

Opportunity 1
–Line Item 1
----Date 1
----Date 2
–Line Item 2
----Date 3
----Date 4

Since Schedule is a 1:N relationship with Line Item, there is a lookup field to the specific line item. However, the lookup field displays the previous product name.

Is there a cache or something that needs to be cleared? Or is there a job that needs to be run in order to complete the cascading name change?

Thanks in advance!

If the field you are displaying in Schedule is the Opportunity Product itself, the name should show correctly. I would double check how Schedule has been defined as I suspect you are not looking at the Opportunity Product any longer. Perhaps you can share the definition of this table and perhaps a screen shot. Kindly use Level Up add in for Dynamics and click “Logical Names” on the Schedule form in question and/or wherever it is you are seeing this issue.