product dimensions vs product variants

Hi ,

What is the difference between product dimensions vs product variants in AX 2012 and explain with an example ?

( product variant in AX 2012 is nothing but an “Item dimension combination” in AX2009.) Am i right ?

You are right lally, product variant is item dimension combination in AX2009. Also, product dimension is same as item dimension in AX2009.

A product dimension could be as follows:

Size - Small, Medium, Large

Colour, Black, White.

A product Variant would be

Small - Black

Medium - Black

Medium -White

Large - White

For the missing variants you would not be able to enter the combination, even though Black is a valid product dimension and Large is also a valid product dimension it is not a valid variant.

Thanks Santosh & Adam ,

In AX 2009 there is an option to create the Product variants automatically , what about in AX 2012 and let me know the path of the option .

Thanks in advance.

Yes there is.

You have the auto-create combination check box on the item or the wizard to create them from the combination view. The same functionality exists in AX2012.

Path: Released product details>General-Fast tab>Product variants field group> “Generate variants automatically”