Product code rename in AX 2012

Hi All ,

Is it possible to rename the product code after released to different legal entities and has inventory transactions ?

If yes , what is the best way or any MS tools are available ?

Share your opinion .

You could use the rename option on the product form.

Hi Steven ,

Let me try to explain my scenario with an example to understand the real scenario .

One database - Two companies - A , B .

My Scenerio is I have a product code - X 01 in A company and same product had been created with another product code Y 01 in B Company in the same database .

Against both products X 01 and Y 01 purchase orders , Sales orders has been created . Now I need to change the product code of Y01 to X 01 in B company .

Is it possible , If yes what is the best method ?

Can you give me a screen shot of the field you want to change, because it now seems you are talking about the item number on the released product form, in which case right mouse click, record info and rename [:D]

Thanks for the reply Steven ,

Nope , I am talking about the Product code only , not the item number in the released products form .

So you have created a product code X01 and released this to company A as item code X01 and product code Y01 and released this to company B as Y01 and now want to rename Y01 product code to X01? This is not a rename, it is a product master record merge as you are now saying they are the same product master. Otherwise this is a new product alignment to the old item code, in which case you would need to rename the item number, stop it, then release X01 into company B as Y01. Why are you doing this?

Intially client says these are two different products , after some days client says both X 01 and Y01 are the same product . Now the option is either rename the product code of Y01 as X 01 or merge the product code.

Could you suggest me which is the best option ?

Do we have the standard product merge option available in AX 2012 ( without taking functional help )

Please help me .

You cannot rename X01 as X01 already exists - it will prevent you from doing this.

You would need to customize it to achieve this, there is no product merge.

As standard they would tell them to stop the item, and release X01 as a new item in the company it should now be in.

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