Prod Order BOM input

I am working on a prospective deal for a custom ambulance company. I have a BOM for an ambulance - I create a Production Order to make one. I have all subassemblies set as Make to Order so that they all show up on one Production Order. I need to delete one sub-assembly and insert another. The delete works fine and blows down - deleting all sub-sub assemblies. But when I insert the new sub-assembly it does not blow down and create my component list and routing - let alone the sub-sub-assemblies.

If I “Refresh” it puts the ambulance back the way it was with the assembly I don’t want. “Replan” just changes date related things. Is there any way to enter a sub-assembly and just “Refresh” that one line? This is not at all unusual in a MTO environment and it is key for them.

In their current system they need to create new BOMS at the lowest levels and new BOMS all the way up to the parent. It is a huge undertaking and that’s why they are looking for something better.

I have been in contact with support and there is no way to do it. Has anyone made a mod for this?


Please advise.

I wrote an add on in the DOS version of Navision, and ported it as far as 2.60 in the windows version that did exactly this.

Also doing it in 4.00 is not a big job. The key is i how Navision does the refresh, and just either modifying it, or better still creating your own that works with Made To Order BOMs. Its not a big job, your development team should be able to prototype somethign up for a demo pretty quiick.


Thanks for the info. Did you do it as an automatic when the line is entered or did you make them “Refresh” the line?

In the old version, it was before Manufacturing, so I did it all in a new table, with a flag that basically said “don’t update this component”.

In 3xx withManufacturing I did it by creating a new function that replaced refresh. Basically the user would just replace the items that they needed customizeing, and they wre automatically updated on validate. Then a flag was set to exclude this Production order from refresh or replan.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll pass it on to our developers.

You are wlecome.

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Got it. Thanks Again!