Prod BOM Header Error - Status must not be certified

Using Business Central 365.
Trying to load the Production BOM Header. Importing it with the status Certified. Most went in no issues but I received the error “Status must not be certified in Production BOM Header No ='XXXX”. Not sure why it is throwing out this error for some but not others. Tried to reload with status under development and still did not work. Also tried new and also didn’t work. I also tried uploading it blank and still nothing. Also, noticed that the error had Unit of Measure code in field caption -so what does this have to do with the status? All UOM info have already been loaded as well.

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This is a random guess, but are you trying to create any part of the BOM using an Item UOM other than that Item’s default?

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At this point all I have loaded are the Prod BOM Headers and no lines yet. I uploaded it so that I can populate the Prod BOM No and Production Grouping Number on the item card. The unit of measure code on the BOM header also matches that of the base UOM for the item.


Thanks all, figured it out and as with other data load for items, it seems the trick to migrating the data is a certain order.