Procurement category missing in the list upon purchase requisition creation

Hi All,

I created a newly category node in my category hierarchy.

When i’m trying to create a new purchase requisition and add a line, I cannot see my newly created procurement category.

Did I missed something in my setup? The category is already activated but still not in the list. Hope you could help me on this. Thank you in advance.

Strange that you are not getting the newly added node in the Procurement category list. The setup you have done is enough for that. Can you once try deleting the hierarchy type association in the Category hierarchy types form and re-create once again.

I believe there may be a “Category access policy rule” created for your company.

Procurement and sourcing>setup> Purchasing policies

Open the Purchasing policy and under policy rules, select “Category access policy rule”, see whether any policy is there.

Usually we can use this policy rule to restrict a few categories to users for selection.

Hi Santosh,

Thank you for the explanation! I am now able to see my newly created category.