Processing XML in NAV2018

Hi everyone,

I’ve integrated NAV2018 with a webService from a delivery service. Everything works perfect, but knwo I need to receive the status of a shipment from another webService. The XML I receive is like this:

As you can see, inside the “CONSULTA” node, i have a list of 3 (in this case) “ENV_ESTADOS I_ID”. How can I get the last one, and get the value of “V_COD_TIPO_EST” field? I’m using 6224 codeUnit, but I don’t finde the way…

Any tip will be welcome.

Thank you all, hope you all are safe and healthy

you could store values in a table and get what values you want from the table

Thanks IMRAM, The problem was to process the atrivbutes, but finally found the way