Process Manufacturing

How MBS 3.6 takes care of Bye product being produced in the process based manufacturing setup.How it should be reflected thru Manufacturing BOM,Orders & Routing. E.g A is the end product for which the BOM is b ,c,d.During the mfg process of A by combining b,c,d one more product E is also being produced which is collected separately & sold by a separate name . How to show this process thru MBS 3.6. Vidhu.

Hi Shekar, So far Navision does not have function to handle the process manufacturing. You have to look at add ons made for handling the process manufacturing functions. BY-product, Joint product, Process Costing by Wieght, cost for By product etc, Recipe, Batch tracking, Producing by Batches etc cannot be handled by 3.6 or earlier versions. Thanks,

Process 80 from Myers, Nissi (VerticalSoft) in US is add-on designed for process manufacturing. Contact them at