Problems with the shell command

I have extracted xml files from navision to a specific folder. A form based timer runs the SHELL function which calls a .NET console application and gives 2 parameters which are filled in dynamically. I’ve got 2 problems with this solution: 1. When the shell executes the console application I see the DOS box. The user may not see this. Is there a possibility to hide this. 2. Because the parameters of the application are dynamically filled in, each time the shell executes it askes if the application can be trusted or not. Also this I want to hide from the user. I don’t know if it is possible to solve these 2 issues but any comments are welcome. Kind regards, Geert

Geert - Sorry - you are not able to do any of that [V] Looks like you have to create a small application yourself and use a automation from Navision.

Have you tried making an automation variable of type “‘Windows Script Host Object Model’.WshShell”? It has a lot of usefull methods, in this case you could use: [INT Run :=] WshShell.Run(BSTR Command[, VAR VARIANT WindowStyle][, VAR VARIANT WaitOnReturn]) [IWSHEXEC Exec :=] WshShell.Exec(BSTR Command) I think you can avoid the silly warnings by using one of them…