Problems with PO confirmation in AX 2012 (CU3)


I am using AX 2012 ( CU3)


I am raising PO for a service Item

Service item is created and posting profile for PO is updated

Account is set for “Purchase Expenditure for Expense” radio button

Account updated has department and Location in the Account Structure


When I confirm the PO system is behaving erratically. At times it is validating the financial dimensions if the same is not updated in the PO . Its is showing a red cross in the Accounting Distribution form indicating validation with the Account Structure defined for the ledger account defined in the posting profile form > Purchase expenditure for Expense radio button

Next time system allows the PO to be confirmed even if some of the mandatory dimensions are not updated in the PO form .Accounting Distribution form will not show the red cross . It even allowed the GRN to be updated . After allowing confirmaiton for the first time when we try to edit and reconfirm the PO again then the system validates again

I tried removing the *.auc file and the issue got resolved …After few days the problem resurfaced again and again the *auc file had to be deleted

RIght now I am taking technical help and updating the correct dimension in the Accounting Distribution form and then confirming the PO one more time so that it allows me to proceeed further in cases wherein the PO got confirmed without the financial dimensions . Such PO cannot be proceeded with without technical help - What is the permanent fix for this . Is it R2 or some set ups in the AOT /AOS . Please advise

Hi Vinuprasannan,

This can be rectified by changing the Account Structure i.e. go to Configure Account Structure and set the dimension to Allow Blank use this option. Probably this will mitigate your problem.

And kindly make change under general Ledger parameters in Accounting Rule Tab >> Set Summary Account to Accounting distribution and under batch transfer rule tab >>> in the Transfer mode change the mode to Synchronous … by default it will be in Schedule batch .

Kindly try this…



HI Ashwin

Thanks for the update

I dont want the Account Structure to take blank values as dimensions are mandatory for the company

Transfer Mode is currently set as Synchronous

Can you please detail the difference between Source Document option and Accounying Distribution option in the Accounting Rule Tab . My dimension are baciscally flowing fromthe source document lines ( example for service items I have defaulted financial dimensions and the same flows into the PO lines )



Hi vinuprasannan,

By taking the accounting distributuion is making the system understand that at the time of any transactions that take place will exactly get distributed to the respective ledger accounts,

But when it comes to source document, it relates to approval mechanism and nees to worked out with the Tech team, to understand it better. just check with the below link for ur understanding.

The reason y I have suggested you is, we did initially face the same problem but got it fixed by changing the Accounting rule status to Accounting Distribution.

hopefully this will resolve ur issue…



Hi Ashwin

Thnaks for the update

Can you please let me know the other impacts of changing the Rule status to Accounting Distribution ( like will it impact he Fiscal Year close / Budget and Budget Control )

I reckon Accounting Distribution rule should be set for companies in the Public sector



Hi vinuprasannan

it will surely have the effect at Budget control and GL level. If it wuld have been Source Doc then u will have distribution problems. And I dnt see any difference among Public limited company or any other. We did have the same issue, just tried changing things are working fi9.

In case you get to know any do update me …

Hi guys,

I had the same issue describle below ( Ax confirm and post a PO with invalid financial dimensions), AX 2012 6.2

And delet *.AUC file don’t change my problem.

Change accounting rules ( values used for summary account) to Accounting distributions is not possible (buissness needed).