problems with copy from Axapta to Excel

Hi All,

I made a new form with the dataSource InventTable and InventTableModule. I use the InventTableModule table three times according to the three line type (Invent, Purch, Sales), so I have 4 dataSource in the form. I set the joins of the dataSources as I saw in the InventTable form and I set the code that initialize the dataSources to fetch every item line only one time (like in the InventTable form). And here comes my problem…

I need to select the grid lines and copy them into Excel. But it copies only the fields from InventTable and from the first joined - InventTableModule - table (Purch) and no more. (Anyway the copy of the lines of InventTable form has the same problem as far as I know). I need to copy fields (from grid) from all joined InventTableModule tables. Does anybody have any idea?

Thanks forward,