Problems silent installtion RoleTailoredClient

I am trying to install the RoleTailoredClient with the following string silent at some clients:
X:\Navision.ins\CD_2009R2_YAVEON\setup.exe /quiet /config x:\Navision.ins\CD_2009R2_YAVEON\RoleTailoredClient\config.xml
The issue is that the setup will not start on some of these systems. …also without extension (/quit…).
There is nothing to find in the event log and the setup log is empty:
=== Logging started: 2011/10/10 17:02:48 ===
Executable: x:\Navision.ins\CD_2009R2_YAVEON\setup.exe v6.0.32012.0
Computer : PC_BEK
— logging level: standard —
=== Logging stopped: 2011/10/10 17:02:48 ===

The setup works fine on some systems and I tried the following things on system with this issue:

  • Closed all applications
  • started XP with the diagnostic start
  • stopped AV etc.
  • started the setup from a local drive (C:)
  • downloaded and ISO from technet and started the setup from DVD
    Other setups with setup.exe works fine…

Client configuration:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Updates installed every updates
  • 58GB free disk space
  • 2GB RAM - 1,4GB free

Did I miss any requirements, which I did not recognize and which are checked at the start?
I can start and install the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV RoleTailored Client.msi” without any problems… but I need the silent installation.

I am thankful for any assistance!
Thanks and viele Grüße

Have you checked the pre-request installed.


Check installation and configuration 2009 training material . There explained to install RTC client installation by creating Group object policy in server .by this you can install any number of client from your server

Thanks for your response. Requirements for the client are fine:


To install the Client Option, you will need:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, which is installed automatically during Setup if not already present.

Software Requirements

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client Option must be installed on one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 or later (X86 or running 32-bit on X64)

Hardware Recommendations

This section outlines the minimum hardware that you need to run the Client option.

Hard Disk Space

  • Minimum 30 MB


  • Minimum 1 GB

Some more ideas?

Thanks for answer!

GPOs are only the way to bring it to the client… I have a problem with the setup…

I did not find more infos at the setup and install guide:

Can you link me?

Best regards


Please check the event log for the error of installation in th problamatic machine.

There is nothing. Neither at the event log nor at install log…

Best regards