Problem with unapplying Vendor Ledger Entries

I am having a problem when trying to unapply vendor ledger entries. The following error appears:

The latest Transaction No. must be an application in Vendor Ledger Entry No. ######.

Looking at the Detailed Vendor Ledger Entries I notice that the transcation No.'s do not go in order. I have entries posted in March with Transaction No. 6815 and in April with Transaction No. 1365. This is causing the error. My question is where the number comes from and if they should be sequential (is there a bigger problem lurking out there) And why, if the numbers are not sequential, does the unapply look for the last entry no. and check if it is an application entry.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Bill,

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There may be more that one applied entry and you need to unapply the newest one first. Check what is applied using the Entry → Applied Entries on the Vendor Ledger Entry list form.

hello Dave,

i have the exact same problem and i have checked and i found that there were only one invoice applied to this payment enrty and am getting this message

furthermore, i have found this on MS KB article ID 953775 its the exact same message but on the customer leger side, however, MS mentioned the problem and they didn’t mention how to use it!!

any ideas how to fix that! my client is running after me! :frowning: